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7 Reason You Should Install a Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilet in mumbai

Toilets are necessary household fixtures; the most recent advancement in toilet technology is wall-hung toilets. But what benefits specifically come with mounting a wall-hung toilet? Seven reasons why you should think about installing one in your home will be covered in this article. Continue reading to learn more!

The wall-hung toilet is the one which is hung from the wall, unlike traditional bathrooms. The tank and flush mechanism are concealed behind the wall in this design, allowing for a more compact and space-efficient installation. A frame holds the toilet bowl as it is hung from the wall.

Here are seven reasons to choose wall-hung toilets : 

  1. Saves Space

Due to the absence of flushing tanks, wall-mounted toilets are more space-efficient.This is one of its biggest benefits over regular toilets. Since a wall-mounted toilet with a flush tank takes up no extra room, it may be installed even in small bathrooms and bathrooms with unusual layouts. Furthermore, cleaning is simpler and quicker. After all, you only need to wipe down the nearby walls and surfaces because none of the pieces touches the ground (unlike regular models). So, consider installing a contemporary wall-hung toilet as part of your bathroom renovation project to make the most of your home’s space.

2. It makes cleaning easier

Toilets installed on the wall are designed to simplify bathroom cleaning. These toilets don’t have standard toilet legs. Therefore cleaning and maintaining them is simply because they are fastened directly to the wall. With wall-hung toilets, routine cleaning only requires a damp towel, leaving your bathroom spotless each time! Furthermore, wall-hung toilets are room-saving since they free up much floor space that can be used for other things. Therefore, wall-hung toilets should be high on your list if you’re seeking a bathroom that is simple to clean.

3. They are accessible 

Due to their convenience, wall-mounted toilets are gaining popularity as more and more individuals choose to invest in them. In addition, wall-mounted toilets are more accessible, especially for individuals with limited mobility and space constraints, because they may be put closer to the floor, making them ideal for elderly users or those in wheelchairs.

In addition to offering a solution for individuals unable to utilise conventional toilet designs, wall-mounted toilets also have many other advantages. They can also help with hygiene because there is less space for dirt and grime to collect, which makes cleaning up after them easier. Wall-hung toilets have grown popular in contemporary homes because they provide a stylish appearance that adds aesthetic value.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing 

Undoubtedly, the wall-hung toilet is the most aesthetically pleasing model. Its attractiveness can be attributed to its built-in tank, clean lines, and various colours and patterns. Additionally, the practical portion of this toilet needs to be more apparent, which contributes to its aesthetic appeal. The flush button and toilet bowl are the only visible things, giving your bathroom a highly contemporary appearance.

5. Easy installation

Wall-hung toilets provide a simple and practical installation choice. As a result, they are swiftly rising to the top of the list of options for bathroom remodelers looking to make the most of their constrained space. They are easier to put on the wall because they don’t need a base or additional support because they are wall hung. As a result, they take up little room on the floor and give your bathroom a tidy, modern appearance. Additionally, wall-mounted toilets are simpler to instal than other standard toilets, making them the ideal option for do-it-yourselfers looking to cut costs and time on the installation process.

6. Perfect for small space

A wall-hung toilet can be the finest choice if you’re seeking one that will blend seamlessly in a small space. Due to their considerable flexibility in practically every bathroom, especially small ones, wall-hung toilets are growing in popularity. Unlike conventional toilets, the flush is attached to the wall, giving them an extraordinarily sleek and contemporary appearance. Compared to traditional versions, they produce a look that makes the most of the available space, enabling you to utilise your restricted capacity.

7. Affordable

Wall-hung toilets are significantly less expensive than other designs, although they need specialised installation. Wall-hung toilets are much less costly than different types. By selecting a modern wall-hung bathroom, you can cut costs by as much as 50%, including installation. In addition, they provide a range of features that aid in lowering water consumption and maintenance expenses.

In both residential and commercial bathroom designs, wall-hung toilets are increasingly gaining popularity because they offer a variety of benefits to the user. Their compact size takes up very little room in the bathroom, and their elegant, modern design makes cleaning and maintaining them simple. They come in an infinite variety of colours and styles and are extremely stylish. Due to pressure-assisted flushing mechanisms and an improved toilet tank design, these toilets also contribute to water conservation. Lastly, they need less installation work than conventional plumbing fixtures. For all the reasons above, wall-hung toilets are a great option for any modern bathroom makeover project. At SalusIndia, you will find all types of bathroom accessories at the most affordable price in India. Salus Products combine excellent design and high quality, ecological, economic, and safe water use with cutting-edge technology.