Salus is a company of a fifty-year-old group with a strong directorial team whose aim is not only to provide you the best bathroom fitting products but also render the best service with its most effective and intellect team of expertise. The products outsourced are matchless and exemplary. Salus is here to make your bathroom “designer bathrooms” worth living. With a team of experts, we give life to your bathroom. Salus being the global market leader is the trendsetter and re-inventor. We have a vast range of products from bathroom accessories to bath products, bathroom fittings, furniture to sanitary ceramics all under one room for your dream bathroom.

In recent years Salus has developed strong associates all over India who have an architectural and technical team of experts. The high-quality products at Salus offers guaranteed products with maximum durability and with unique innovations of the bathroom fittings you can feel and savor the difference. Our unconditional commitment to transparency makes us an outstanding leader in the world of designer bathrooms. With no compromise in the quality of products, we exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Being a responsible company Salus Products is a combination of excellent design and high quality, ecological, and economic and safe use of water with cutting edge technology. Our expert team guarantees you with comfort and safety products. With respect to the environment, our high-end technical team continuously works on producing Eco-friendly products. The outstanding features of our vast range of products and our services with cutting – edge technology enhance our business, makes Salus a promising brand for the future.