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Valve types vary depending on whether they are used in residential or industrial settings. Each of these valves has a specific function. Some are used to control the flow, while others are simply used to stop the flow. So far, we’ve covered a wide range of valve types, including globe and ball valves. Now, in this article, we’ll give you some useful information about another type of valve known as an angle valve.

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In the following section, we deliver a definition of this type of valve, we make it clear how it works and what it is mostly used for?

What is an angle valve?

A fluid regulating device used in plumbing and industry is an angle valve. It has inlet and outlet ports that are at an angle to each other, with 90 degrees being the most common angle.

Angle Valve are mainly used for two reasons.

  1. If you are updating or replacing your faucet or other fixtures or need to repair them in your home, instead of cutting off the water supply to the entire plumbing system, you can simply use the angle stop valve to turn off the water to just that one appliance or fixture which needs to be repaired.
  2. You can use the angle stop to shut off the flow to that appliance or fixture until the proper repairs are made in the event of a water leak or even a complete burst.

Material Used for angle Valve.

Copper is the best material for angle valves because it lasts for a longer time and provides better service.

What is this angle valve used for?

In general, angle stop valves are required at four points in the home: a cold water angle stop valve on the toilet water nozzle, a cold and a hot angle stop valve on the wash basin, a cold and a hot angle stop valve on the wash basin on the nozzle, a cold and a hot angle stop valve on the sump on the sink, and two cold valves on the water heater on the water nozzle. Additionally, if you have a water purifier, you must install an angle valve for cold water.

Uses of Angle Valve in Industry.

Angle valves are required for almost every mechanical operation that requires flow, temperature, or pressure control. Valves used in industrial operations, on the other hand, must be 100% reliable and dependable in order to ensure operational safety and efficiency.


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I hope this article, has helped you with the Angle Valves for Bathrooms Use.

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