Different Types of Arm Shower In Bathrooms


After a long and exhausting day, we all appreciate a good shower. We do, don’t we? A shower may revitalise the entire body and soul while also making you feel calm. We rarely pay attention to the shower’s overall components unless there is a compelling cause to do so. One of the most important components of the shower is the shower arm, especially if you desire maximum control and flexibility when showering. A shower is a terrific way to saturate your body and relax while watching the rain fall. However, we all need a portable fixture now and again to wash our bodies the way we want.

Let’s take a closer look at the shower arm, which serves an important function but is generally overlooked in the bathroom. Are you even aware that there are numerous sorts of shower arms on the market?

In this article we will have a detailed look at the different types of Arm Showers in Bathrooms

Benefits of Arms Shower:

Let’s take a look at what a showers arm is before we get into the benefits. A showers arm is a pipe fitting that links the water supply to your showerhead and vice versa. It can reach out of the wall and be used handedly, offering you substantially more flexibility and control than mounted showerheads.

  • Shower arms allow you to adjust the height and angle of the showerhead, which is very beneficial for taller persons. It gives you the desired coverage with the appropriate adjustments. You may target the pressure places on your body that need to be soothed and relaxed by using the massage function in the shower.
  • If you buy a home with pre-installed showers, there’s a good chance you’ll get showerheads that are too low or too high, which can be inconvenient. A shower arm comes to the rescue in circumstances like these. You may modify the height of the shower with the help of a shower arm.
  • Shower arms also make it possible to use a shower without having to reinstall plumbing if the outlets are too high or low. By expanding the showerhead, you can easily get it where it needs to be.

Different Types of Shower Arms.

Shower arms are available in a variety of colours, patterns, materials, and finishes on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the shower arms that are available.

Flat Shower Arm Flanges:

Shower flanges are components that are used to cover pipe holes. Flat Shower Arm flange hides the opening in the wall where the shower arm connects to the rough pipe. Shower arm wall plate flanges, also known as escutcheons, are decorative shower elements that add a polished and finished look to your shower.

Flat Shower Arm Fittings:

A shower arm Fitting is a pipe fitting that connects the water supply to your showerhead. Flat Shower arm fittings can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling.

Straight Shower Arms:

Shower arms with this design have a fashionable appearance and a luxurious feel. The shower arm is completely straight, as the name implies. The showerhead is attached to the end of the arm at a 90-degree angle. These are perfect if you have rainfall showerheads.

Standard Shower Arms:

The most basic and widespread form of shower arm is the standard one. They’re very simple, and they’re probably the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about shower arms. They have a little, angled extension.

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