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Various types of floor drains for bathrooms

floor drains for bathrooms

Water can enter your home when you least expect it – from a burst pipe, a laundry machine failure, or even through the basement walls. When you have water in your home, a floor drain is necessary to channel that water out of your home. But what kind of floor drain ought to be installed? For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the various types of floor drains and their applications. Floor drains can be either wastewater or groundwater drains. Pipes that connect the home’s sewage system receive water from waste water drains. Groundwater drains to channel the water to pipes that carry the water outside the house, often with a sump pump. Here are the main types of floor drains for bathrooms, including:

1. Popup Floor Trap: 

Pop Up Floor Drain Traps help to clear any debris that could cause any stoppage in the water drain lines. It has features such as an intelligent popup lid, stylish appeal per the latest trend, and excellent functionality. They are made of stainless steel.

2. Floor drain with an inbuilt hole:

Salus India sells a variety of floor drains. However, it understands the basic needs of its consumers and has a solution to every drainage problem- that is precisely why it offers a variety of floor drain designs with an inbuilt hole!

Yes, there must be a hole through which you can insert the drain pipes for your dishwasher, washing machine, or any other installed equipment. The inbuilt hole is of a standard size, which means it can fit any drainage pipe easily. When you attach the lines directly to the floor drain, it prevents all the mess the flooding of water creates.

Additionally, because the hole is in the middle, the remainder of the grating top continues to function as a typical floor drain. Therefore, it differs from attaching a drainage pipe to your floor drain, which paralyzes it from doing its regular job.

3. Floor drain with anti-Cockroach Trap:

This drain strainer protects you and your loved ones from cockroaches and other reptiles. They are made from stainless steel with a chrome finish.

4. Rotating Lock Floor Drain:

SalusIndia’s new floor drain designs have a rotating grating top jail. This drain cover, often known as a “Jali,” rotates and fastens to the drain frame. Thanks to its locking system, you can always keep the drain Jali in its proper location.

Even with a large inflow of water, the grating top remains fixed to the drain frame once it has been locked. Installation of the floor drain is possible in lavatories, balconies, and sizable open areas.

5. Tile-insert floor drain:

Salus India tile inserts floor Drain channels are square floor drains that have an unbroken appearance, are meant to handle large volumes of water, and are specially designed for 13 mm tiles. They come with a drain cover, a tray, and a cockroach trap.

Quick Note:

Salus India also offers simple floor drains in mumbai for bathroom installation in large open spaces such as garages, gardens, terraces, swimming pool areas, commercial kitchens, religious institutions, etc.

These floor drains are supplied in heavy-duty stainless steel with anti-rusting and corrosion-resistant qualities. They have an excellent load-bearing capacity and are ideal for installation in public areas. They can quickly drain large amounts of water due to their size.