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Different Types of Multi Function Diverters and Their Uses

MultiFunction Diverter

A bathroom is a sacred space with both utilitarian and personal purposes. It is a fundamental room in all kinds of houses. With changing lifestyle habits, families with extra space and financial freedom prefer luxury housing styles. Such catalogues refrain from the usual space-saving concepts of affordable housing and lean more towards fittings, fixtures and design elements. Luxurious catalogues demand the usage of a variety of opulent showers, fixtures and even luxury bathroom diverters to provide a more lavish bathing experience. The basic objective of having a bathroom is to have a bath. Therefore the selection, as well as an understanding of these fixtures, becomes essential.

The shower system can be a bit complicated to follow. So, let’s start with the basic equipment that makes or breaks our bathrooms’ utility level: The Shower Diverter.

What is a shower diverter?

A diverter is an object that helps in diverting the flow of water, hence the name. A faucet handle is usually attached to the diverter responsible for activating the water flow. It allows water to flow in different directions and at different pressure levels. Depending upon system requirements and water pressure preferences, there are three main types of diverters available in the market. There is, again, a difference between luxury bathroom diverters and the more affordable ones.

Three most common types of multi-functional diverters:

  1. Single Valve Diverters for Bathroom

The Single Valve diverter is also known as the T-Diverter for bathrooms and is widely available. It only has one handle, which is responsible for controlling water flow and water temperature. It is relatively convenient to install and is a space-efficient unit.

  1. Two-Way Diverters for Bathroom

The Two-Way Diverters have two parts, a valve body and a diverter trim. There are various types of two-way diverters, the most common one being the Standalone diverter. It is mainly used to redirect water from separate outlets.

  1. Three-Way Diverters for Bathroom

Instead of two, the three-way diverters have three different outlets with one intel. Each of these portals allows different functions. This diverter can also be used as a volume control alternative.

Hence, we can now understand the plurality of options available when selecting luxury bathroom diverters. It can get confusing at times to shortlist the one most convenient for your bathrooms. Mentioned below is the brand providing one of the most efficient Multi-Function Diverters in Mumbai:

Salus is a brand based in Navi Mumbai, providing outsourced luxury products for your luxury bathrooms. It is a true trendsetter of a brand with a vast range of bathroom accessories to choose from. It is mainly regarded for its excellent designs and lavish products. As a brand, they use a perfect mixture of technology and aesthetics. Their products are sustainable, hence are made to last. 

Salus aims to transform your shower experience with one of the best multi-function diverters in Mumbai. Their diverters are made with durable materials and modern designs which complement all kinds of bathroom decors while giving maximum comfort and efficiency. Their knobs and levers are easy-to-use providing maximum control over water flow and allowing the switch between showerheads to be very convenient.

Salus provides two main types of shower diverters: A Single Lever Mixture and a Thermostatic Diverter. The Single Lever Diverters are similar to T-Diverters and come in various concealed body versions. The first single-lever mixture has four click-easy valves and a hand shower. The valves have control panel-like buttons for convenient usage. These shower valves are also sold separately if you do not wish to install an extra hand shower. There is also a normal single-lever with three-cliksty valves. One can choose from these varieties according to their needs.

Salus also has one of the most premia thermostatic diverters in Mumbai. A thermostatic diverter is a shower fixture which allows ultimate control over water flow to multiple parts, including body sprays, shower heads and hand showers. The product is made up of chrome-plated Brass, which is sustainable and long-lasting. They also have temperature control features which allow you to pre-select the water temperature of your choice. It uses solar and thermal systems, which are eco-friendly. High-quality thermostatic diverters in Mumbai can be very hard to choose from. Therefore, brands like Salus provide digital catalogues with proper product descriptions and accurate images on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are shower diverters?

A diverter is an object that helps divert the flow of water, as the name implies. They also help redirect the flow of water from shower spouts to shower heads. Nowadays, there are multi-functional bathroom diverters providing us with various accessibilities.

  1. What is the most common shower diverter?

The Single Valve Diverter, also known as T-Diverter, is the most common shower diverter. It uses one single handle for controlling both water flow and water temperature.  

  1. What is a diverter made of?

Most companies use Brass in making plumbing fixtures like shower diverters. The more affordable ones are made up of zinc alloy and other materials.

  1. How long does a shower diverter last?

Most high-end brands make their fixtures very durable. Ideally, you can expect that they are durable and our diverters come with a free 10 years service warranty.

  1. Can I clean my shower diverter?

Yes! The bathroom cartridges are very similar to mixing cartridges, so they can be cleaned easily. You can do them yourself if your valve body is not concealed, or you can hire a plumber for it.