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Top Shower Drain Designs for a Stylish Bathroom

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Shower drains are an important aspect of a functional drainage system. Water leaks are highly unpredictable, from pipe bursts to washing machine explosions, they happen when you least expect them to. Hence, floor drains become a necessity in every household. Maintaining a safe personal environment essentially means handling the messes in our homes as well. Installing a floor drain hence becomes a necessity.

To select a perfect shower drain for your bathroom, it’s important to understand the available types. Nowadays, there are modern and progressive designs which look lavish while providing ultimate utility. We understand the needs of all our consumers, from commercial to personal. Hence here at Salus, we provide a versatile style range of modern shower drain in Mumbai.


Types of Modern Shower Drains by Salus India:

  1. Pop-up Floor Traps

Floor Traps are an integral part of Wastewater Drains. These designs are relatively new and high-tech. Pop-up floor traps help in clearing dirt and debris that could cause possible blocks in drainage pipes. Salus provides high-utility features combined with the latest styles. Bathroom shower drain in Mumbai are usually made of stainless steel. Our products are made of both brass and stainless steel 304. This material makes our traps anti-rust. These are modernised bathroom traps which can be operated through foot control. Our smart pop-up lids and modern finish provide the highest functionality.

  1. Drains with Inbuilt Hole

We offer a variety of floor drain designs which have additional inbuilt holes. These holes help insert drainage pipes for laundry machines, dishwashers, or other standard equipment. Most of the standard drainage equipment have a fixed or standard size for piping holes. We maintain these sizes in our products. Usually, when we attach a drainage pipe directly to a floor drain, the pipe might get congested and can lead to blockages. Hence, we have a grating top which works exactly as a typical floor drain.

  1. Floor Drains with Anti-Cockroach Traps

Insects, reptiles and other species thrive in damp environments like a bathroom. Cockroaches can contaminate our food, transmit infections and even leave foul odours in our houses. Therefore, ensuring our drainage systems have anti-cockroach floor traps becomes essential. Such floor traps are usually made of stainless steel 304 and brass and are available in standard sizes. Anti-cockroach floor traps by Salus are easy to install and have a sleek finish.

  1. Rotating Lock Drains

Our newest style provides a rotating top jail. This often acts as a cover which rotates and fastens the drain frames. These top covers are commonly known as “Jalis”. These Jalis make sure that the drains are locked in one place. These drains are usually made of brass which makes them strong fixtures. They can withstand different degrees of water pressure. The drain remains fixed once installed and locked in place. Such drains are not just limited to bathrooms. You can easily use them in bigger balconies, gardens and other outdoor areas as well. 

  1. Tile-insert Floor Drains

There is an array of bathroom drain styles available in Mumbai. However, most of them look tacky and were made years ago. Hence Salus provides modern tile-insert floor drains, one of the best-looking shower floor drain in Mumbai. They provide a homogeneous look and make the floor look unbroken. In addition, these fixtures can handle larger water volumes. They come with built-in cockroach traps and drain covers and are specially designed for 13 mm to point 5 tiles

Salus also provides other standard drains, which can be installed in all kinds of open spaces, from swimming pools to commercial kitchens. The high load-bearing quality of our products makes their installation hassle-free in public areas. These drains can withstand higher water pressure and volume, and the heavy-duty stainless steel also makes these products anti-rusting. After gaining a better understanding of the versatile style ranges available, the selection process now becomes easier. Keeping in mind your needs and preferences, we have something for everyone.

Maintaining Hygienic Floor Drains

Pipe bursts and drainage clogs can become a big issue if our shower drains are improperly maintained. These clogs can even contaminate our water pipes which can cause yet another havoc. Hence, maintaining hygienic floor drains by cleaning them regularly becomes necessary. Drains must be cleaned every quarter regardless of whether they are clogged or not. One can hire professionals or plumbers for commercial spaces. The basic drains installed in our bathrooms can be cleaned by using grain augers. Other drain care tools are widely available in the market.

We hope that you found our guide helpful! Find out more about our products on our site.